This is a list of features, or commands, which Rekzy has.

Name Description Permission
botinfo Shows basic information about Rekzy. everyone
botowner Shows the owner of Rekzy. everyone
botstats Shows Rekzy's statistics. everyone
createinvite Creates a new permanent invite link for your server. everyone
find Finds the user via a chosen mention. everyone
fortnite Searches for a Fortnite player on a chosen platform. everyone
help Lists all available commands. everyone
servericon Displays the server icon of your server. everyone
support Posts a link to the Rekzy Support Server, as well as instructions of how to join. everyone
userinfo Posts basic information about your user, or a mentioned user. everyone
ban Bans a mentioned user. BAN_MEMBERS permission
kick Kicks a mentioned user. KICK_MEMBERS permission
delwarn Allows you to delete a warning from the database via it's ID. BAN_MEMBERS permission
poll Starts a poll with a given topic. moderator
purge Bulk deletes a given number of messages. MANAGE_MESSAGES permission
weather Gets the latest weather report for a given location. everyone
np Shows the song that is currently playing, if any. everyone
play Plays a specific song in a given voice channel. everyone
queue Shows a list of songs that are currently queued. everyone
unban Unbans a member via their Discord username or ID. BAN_MEMBERS permission
warn Warns a given user. MANAGE_MESSAGES permission
warnings Lists the warnings a user has. MANAGE_MESSAGES permission
eval Evaluates given JavaScript code. maintainer
role Gives a specified user a role with a given name. maintainer
search Searches for a video on YouTube, then plays it in a given voice channel. everyone
skip Skips the song that is currently playing/ MANAGE_CHANNELS permission
stop Stops the song that is currently playing. MANAGE_CHANNELS permission
summon Summons Rekzy to the voice channel you're in. everyone
lockdown Locks down/releases a given channel. MANAGE_CHANNELS permission
profile Shows the profile of your user or a given user. everyone
rank Shows your current rank, and how long to go until you level up. everyone
setlevel Allows you to set the level of a given user. MANAGE_GUILD permission
settings Allows you to set/remove various server properties. MANAGE_GUILD permission